South Park Zone

South Park Zone - Season 2

Terrance and Phillip in Not Without My A...S

South Park episode 01

About this South Park episode:Terrance and Phillip star in this one episode where the boys play a cameo role. Terrance and Phillip get a letter from Iran about Terrance's daughter Sally, so they go over to get her. Saddam Hussein...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Cartman's Mom is Still a D....Y S...T

South Park episode 02

About this South Park episode:A mysterious shooting of Mephesto interrupts the revelation of who Cartman's father is, bringing a double mystery to "South Park." Hoping to save Mephestos's life, Chef and the boys...WATCH THIS EPISODE


South Park episode 03

About this South Park episode:As more and more chickens are violated, the pressure to catch the "Chickenlover" builds causing an emotional outburst from Officer Barbrady whom admits he can't read. Suspended from...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Ike's Wee Wee

South Park episode 04

About this South Park episode:Ike's impending bris strikes fear in Kyle's heart, and he devises a plan to protect his baby brother and get him as far away as possible from "South Park" and his "circumcision." With the help of the...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Conjoined Fetus Lady

South Park episode 05

About this South Park episode:
An innocent game of elementary school dodgeball reveals that Pip has an unnatural ability which makes him the team ringer, but also sends Kyle to the feared school nurse. Anxiety ridden from...WATCH THIS EPISODE

The Mexican staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka

South Park episode 06

About this South Park episode:
When the boys are assigned a project that involves interviewing a Vietnam War veteran about his experiences overseas, Uncle Jimbo leads the boys astray with a few "embellishments. The...WATCH THIS EPISODE

City on the Edge of Forever

South Park episode 07

About this South Park episode:
When the South Park school bus gets into a major accident, Ms. Crabtree sets out to find help before the bus full of kids...

South Park episode 08
About this South Park episode:
Schools out and Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny are free to enjoy their summer. But summer in Colorado isn't all it is cracked up to be, especially when a ban on fireworks threatens to make the

South Park episode 09
About this South Park episode:
The sudden influx of cous cous, raw vegetables and tofu into the "South Park" sewage system forces Mr. Hankey to turn to Kyle, Stan, Cartman and Kenny for help in ridding South Park of the Hollywood

South Park episode 10About this South Park episode:
Believing the age-old notion that it's better to contract the chickenpox as a child, the parents of South Park decide to purposefully expose Stan, Kyle and Cartman to the virus. However, when the boys...WATCH THIS EPISODE

South Park episode 11About this South Park episode:
Strange things are happening at the planetarium, which lead Stan, Kyle and Kenny to investigate. Together, with help from Mr. Mackey and Nurse Gollem, the boys uncover a sinister secret...WATCH THIS EPISODE

South Park episode 12About this South Park episode:
Wendy and Bebe talk to Stan and Kyle about playing in a clubhouse, but the two boys don't have one, and they don't know anything about such houses. Stan and Kyle decide to build one for...WATCH THIS EPISODE

South Park episode 13About this South Park episode:
The Wild West moves in to the Rockies as the 14th annual Cow Days celebration pulls in to "South Park." After exploring the lame carnival rides, Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny become...

Chef Aid

South Park episode 14
About this South Park episode:
A bad legal judgement threatens to land Chef in jail, unless he can come up with two million dollars to pay off the slimy Capitalist Records company. Learning for the first time that Chef is...

Spooky Fish

South Park episode 15
About this South Park episode:
Stan's aunt Flo gives him a goldfish, but Stan isn't so sure this is a good gift. When no one is looking, the fish jumps out and pulls Kenny into the fish bowl, devouring him.
Stan and

Merry Christmas Charlie Manson

South Park episode 16
About this South Park episode:
When Stan's parents say no to a road-trip to Cartman's Grandma's house, Stan sneaks out to join Kyle, Kenny and Cartman anyway. Dinner with the Cartman family takes a bizarre twist...


South Park episode 17
About this South Park episode:
The boys are asked to write a paper on corporations, so they go to Mr. Tweek for help, as he runs his own business and has had experience dealing with large corporations.
They meet...

Prehistoric Ice Man

South Park episode 18
About this South Park episode:
While attempting to rescue Kyle from the bottom of a snowy crevice, the boys discover a man imbedded in a block of ice. The world watches while South Park's resident genetic engineer, Mephesto...

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