South Park Zone

South Park Zone - Season 5

Scott Tenorman Must Die

South Park Zone Episode 1
About this South Park episode:
Scott Tenormantricks Cartman into buying his pubic hair for $16.12 Cartman goes rotten on Scott with a smart...WATCH THIS EPISODE

South Park Zone Episode 2
About this South Park episode:
The word "S...t" will be said on Television on the popular show, “Cop Drama.” The "S" word will bring over the world a mysterious plague that unleashes the ancient Knights of

South Park Zone Episode 3
About this South Park episode:
Big G..y Al returns to South Park and he is Scoutmaster to the boys from town. The ugly thing is that he will be kicked out from this function for being g..y. The boys rally to his defense...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Super Best Friends

South Park Zone Episode 4
About this South Park episode:
Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny discover David Blaine, magician and Cult Leader. Stan finds out early that this guys are no so cool and nice as they seem to be in the first place. Stan has...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Terrance & Phillip - Behind the Blow

South Park Zone Episode 5
About this South Park episode:
In the grand tradition of Wham UK, flatulent Canadian superstars, Terrance and Phillip, have broken up over creative differences. The clock is ticking as the boys struggle to reunite the...WATCH THIS EPISODE


South Park Zone Episode 6
About this South Park episode:Cartman inherits a million dollars from his grandmother and fulfills his lifelong dream of owning his own amusement park - Cartmanland. A hemorrhoid it's about to kill Kyle when he learns...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Proper Condom Use

South Park Zone Episode 7
About this South Park episode:
Children of South Park must endure s..x education from the unlikely duo of Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik. While the two adults take their lessons to heart, the children are left...

South Park Zone Episode 8
About this South Park episode:Our boys get a new video game system, and their plan for the foreseeable future is to play it! When the government steals their new Gamesphere, the boys will stop at nothing to get...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants

South Park Zone Episode 9
About this South Park episode:In the wake of the terrorist attack on the United States, the boys find themselves accidentally sent to Afghanistan,

South Park Zone Episode 10
About this South Park episode:
Cartman blows his “funny fuse” after he gets Kenny’s “cheeky” school picture printed on the side of milk cartons as a missing

South Park Zone Episode 11
About this South Park episode:
Kyle’s cousin comes to town and after Kyle sees how stereotypically Jewish his cousin Kyle is, he worries about...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Here Comes the Neighborhood

South Park Zone Episode 12
About this South Park episode:
Token combats being the only rich kid in town by getting another rich family to move to South Park and when Will Smith and his...

Kenny Dies

South Park Zone Episode 13
About this South Park episode:

Cartman comes into possession of a truckload of fetuses that he can’t sell thanks to a recent government ruling on stem cell research. When Kenny is diagnosed with a terminal illness...WATCH THIS EPISODE

Butters' Very Own Episode

South Park Zone Episode 14
About this South Park episode:

Butters finds out what his father has been up to late at night and when his mother hears, she overreacts by trying to kill her son...

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