South Park Zone

South Park Zone Season 21

South Park Zone Episode 01
About This South Park Episode:
Protests break out on the streets of South Park. 
Protestors armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park...Watch this Episode

Put it Down

South Park Zone Episode 02
About This South Park Episode:
When Tweek is caught in the middle of a petty conflict, it drives his relationship with Craig...Watch this Episode

South Park Zone Episode 03
About This South Park Episode:
In a return to form, a forbidden love story between a white man and a Native American man...Watch this Episode

South Park Zone Episode 04
About This South Park Episode:
Professor Chaos has found the perfect tool to spread lies and misinformation about Coon and friends. In trying to save their reputation, the boys come...Watch this Episode

South Park Zone Episode 05
About This South Park Episode:
Beloved entertainers are being cut down in their prime due to massive overdoses of opiates. Stan is about to be exposed as the source of the illegal drugs...Watch this Episode

Sons A Witches

South Park Zone Episode 06
About This South Park Episode:

At the annual Halloween get together, a witch casts a spell that terrorizes everyone in South Park...Watch this Episode

Doubling Down

South Park Zone Episode 07
About This South Park Episode:

Kyle is playing with fire when he gets in the middle of Cartman and Heidi’s relationship...Watch this Episode

Moss Piglets

South Park Zone Episode 08
About This South Park Episode:
Jimmy and Timmy’s experiment could win them first prize in the annual science fair...Watch this Episode

Super Hard PCness

South Park Zone Episode 09
About This South Park Episode:
The episode starts in Netflix headquarters where a worker is speaking to Terrance and Phillip about getting them a Netflix series. The duo have aged...Watch this Episode

Splatty Tomato

South Park Zone Episode 10
About This South Park Episode:
The children of South Park claim to have seen Mr. Garrison lurking around town. The townspeople are angry that the President is scaring their...Watch this Episode


Anonymous said...

really sorry to say this guys but Rick and Morty kicks the ass out of season 21 of Southpark

Anonymous said...


bobby fisher said...

wow this show really is that damn terrible now. so unfunny so dull its only great at boring me.

Nate said...

it's all subjective dude, south park is completely different and just not comparable to Rick and Morty at all other than they're both animated

Sardar said...

I think Season 21 has been pretty solid so far tbh

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is an awesome season. They're totally different shows though, one is in Southpark Colorado and the other in inter-dimensional space...

Anonymous said...

Rick and Morty suck balls dude

Harry Ray Jones Music said...

Rick and Morty WAS cool, South Park will ALWAYS be cool, still laughing my ass off, this season is tits!

Anonymous said...

Is "Sons a Witches" as good as "Spookyfish"?

Dude... said...

Dear fans... Either you like it or not, suck my balls anyways, south park got worse and worse over the years. YES, it is still funny but the variation from episode to episode is much bigger now. Some are right on, some are boring. Remember when there were 14 episodes in one season? Now its 10.. Did the money make them lazy? DO comedy central take the blame? Why not put more extra features on dvds and blurays? WHERES TOWELIE????? And the new game is cool i give you that... Where's omg you killed kenny and kick the baby??? Remember where all this randomness came togheter in the end and made sense that was funny as f** ? Now its just to quickly improvised like wtf ... Not so much weekly screwed up news anymore... Remember gamesphere ??? Okama or some shit because of trademarks? All i see in new episodes is xbox playstation alexa xbox fuckiing buyy it you know. I blame the money.

I've been a huge fan since season 1 before you bastards were born. I can speak my honest opinion out loud and you all know you're wrong about this season. And STOP criticizing RICK and MORTY unless you got a better show running against simpsons and all mcfarlane bullshit.. DO you+ no+ stfu. GO make one. It will suck more.

I love you guys so much for still watching. Let's hope season 22 will get back to its roots.. Im so stoked they didnt get cancelled..

And dear Matt and Trey who doesnt give a fuck about me, please do not turn into Simpsons.. Stop now before season 22 comes out rehashing old episodes. Seen rehash episode? Irony...

I know 6 days to make is not a lot, i appreciate that you made me laugh and still make my favorite show for 20 years.. since i was a kid really .. you guys are old. Keep up like you did in the first episodes of season 21. Leave Heidi behind now and lets bring back towelie!

Towelie made me smoke weed since i was 12.Thanks to you guys, my parents thought it was a innocent cartoon. DO A MOVIE BEFORE YOU GO DEAD.

Now everybody copy and send it to studios. IF you dont agree then you did not watch the show for 20 years collect crap for 15 and wait weekly for a new episode to come. For you guys: suck my balls.

Save South Park, biggest fan.

Anonymous said...

Dear Faggot who wrote the big pile of shit,

Sounds like you are booty tickled from all the episodes that have been coming out. "Muh feeling are hurt and RICK AND MORTY ARE BETTER!! DERRRHHH"

Anonymous said...

season 20 and 21 have been some of the best seasons yet can't wait for more!

to the dude: said...

wtf is wrong with these people?? sp is trying new stuff, if they would be doing the same thing over and over southpark will never run 20 yrs+. I enjoy a lot these episodes, i laugh my ass off, yes it could be a little predictble but you guys are just playing as a bunch of smart asses with your rick and morty shit. SOUTHPARK WILL ALWAYS BE COOL.

sorry for the broken english I just had to take my time to write this. smd

Anonymous said...

Its not because of rick and morty, they're just getting triggered over the political parts of episodes and we all know why. But who gives a flying fuck they have been making fun of presidents and celebrities for a long as time now... they seriously need to get the fuck over it.

Anonymous said...

South park was so much better when every episode in the season was random... following these shitty storylines kinda ruined the show, all my mates agree ��

Anonymous said...

Ep 9 was a hoot!

Americaisabitch said...

only an idiot still watches this shit

Anonymous said...

^ so then why are you here

Unknown said...

Fuk u

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